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My 1st Time in France, Blogged!

September 24th, 2015

Welcome to France!


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September 21st, 2015

12 Excellent Restaurants to Try


Heading to France?

Are you planning a first trip to France in the near future? If so, the cuisine will be one of the highlights of your holiday. However, it’s important to know which restaurants to visit, so that your stay is the best it can possibly be. Here are 12 restaurants you have to try out while travelling through France.

France’s Best Restaurants


1) Le Cinq

Le Cinq is a two-Michelin-star restaurant located in the French capital, Paris. Specializing in the very best French cuisine, this picturesque venue is one of the most popular restaurants in the country.

2) Chez Ida

You would do well to eat in Chez Ida if passing through Marseille. This restaurant offers a plethora of Mediterranean food at good value too. The fish soup is highly touted.

3) Les Crayeres

Les Crayeres can be found in Reims, and this hotel has arguably the best restaurant in the area. With fabulous decor and an expansive menu, it’s no wonder Les Crayeres has been awarded Michelin stars.

4) L’Oenotheque de Lyon

Situated in Lyon, L’Oenotheque de Lyon is a Spanish Tapas bar. The reviews are superb and reserving a table is recommended if you plan on dining at one of Lyon’s finest establishments.


5) Epicure

Back to Paris and Epicure is another brilliant restaurant worth stopping off at. Epicure has three Michelin stars and even the approval of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Don’t miss this one.

6) L’Argot

L’Argot in Lyon is a fantastic steakhouse and a must-visit for all beef enthusiasts. As this restaurant gets unsurprisingly busy, booking in advance is advised.

7) Garopapilles

Garopapilles is a stunning restaurant in Bordeaux that would undoubtedly be a highlight of your French experience. Exquisite care in preparation is one of the more notable aspects of this one, and a bottle of red wine of course.

8) Bistro l’Exploit

Bistro l’Exploit is a gem of a bistro in the heart of Bordeaux, which specializes in French cuisine. This restaurant is known for its relaxing atmosphere and quirky dishes.

9) La Route du Miam

If you find yourself in sunny Nice, taking some time out to enjoy the delights of La Route du Miam should be high on your agenda. Duck and foie gras is the marquee dish here, at this quaint little venue on one of Nice’s back streets.

10) La Maison du Pata Negra

Another Bordeaux restaurant, La Maison du Pata Negra offers a slice of Spain in France. The tapas is reasonably priced and the wine list is immaculate. This place is always teeming with customers.

11) La Petite Loge

La Petite Loge is another extremely popular Nice restaurant to try out. As they are only open from Thursday to Saturday, reserving a table is advised as the demand is always very high. It’s well worth it for the fabulous French food though.

12) Seb’on

It feels only right to conclude the list Paris and with Seb’on. This little restaurant in Montmartre alters its menu regularly, but the reviews never alter – they are always fantastic.

Have Fun!

Wherever you choose to go in France, this comprehensive list will ensure you are never far from a high-quality restaurant. All that is left now is for you to go and enjoy the best eateries France has to offer.

September 19th, 2015

France’s Exotic Birds


Finding Exotic Birds in Unexpected Places

France is not really an area associated with exotic birds. Too many people in the West are going to think that local birds are boring compared to the ones overseas, regardless of whether or not they really are in any way. France’s local bird populations also suffered a great deal throughout the course of the twentieth century. However, recent environmentalist efforts turned that situation around quite effectively. France is now famous for having certain bird species, and many tourists will specifically try to get a glimpse of these birds during their visits to France.


The Beautiful and Exotic Birds of France

Pink flamingos are some of the most popular birds in France. Their pink color comes from the pigments in the creatures that they eat on a regular basis, which is partly why their coloration sometimes seems so uneven. In the Camargue Wetlands towards the mouth of the Rhone, there are up to fifty thousand pink flamingos. Flamingos are extremely charismatic birds that are famed for their color and for their overall appearance, and many people specifically travel to this area in order to see the flamingos.

France also has a population of big white storks. They exist in much smaller numbers than the flamingos, who have a relatively stable population. At one point, there were only around eighteen recorded storks in Alsace. There are now six hundred male and female pairs thanks to conservation efforts in favor of the storks. Storks may not have the coloration of flamingos, but they are just as charismatic and interesting to watch.


There’s an ornithological reserve at the Camargue Wetlands. The people who are interested in birds and who want to see the interesting exotic birds of France should visit this area specifically in order to see the diversity of French wildlife. They will be sure to get a glimpse of some of France’s most exotic birds.

Plenty of people are interested in visiting rural France, which is a famously beautiful area. When they’re there, especially if they visit areas with a lot of hills, they will be sure to get a few glimpses of birds of prey. There are lots of different eagles in France, including the sort of eagles that people won’t see in most other locations. Watching a Short-Toed Eagle flying over the hills of rural France is particularly impressive. Griffon vultures are some of the most fascinating birds of prey in France, and they have become iconic in some circles. France is the home of birds that are small and dainty like White-Throated dippers, large and statuesque like flamingos, and powerful like Griffon vultures.


Natural Holidays in France

When people visit an area specifically for the scenery, people will often go to tropical areas. However, places like France tend to have fewer parasites and naturally-occurring diseases, and they still have a lot of interesting natural history for people to see. The exotic birds of France can make almost any trip worth it for anyone.

September 14th, 2015

Fun Waterparks in France That Could Make For a ‘Splashing’ Holiday


Splash Down For A Fun French Vacation

France is a great vacation destination for adults and kids alike, packed with exciting attractions. One type of attraction that is sure to appeal to the whole family, whether grown ups, teenagers, or younger children, is the waterpark. Luckily, France has plenty of those to offer, and in this article, we will look at some of the best.

Top French Waterparks

Aqualud Waterpark

The north of France isn’t well known for its amazing weather, however, the Aqualud Waterpark makes sure that its visitors enjoy tropical conditions, with its water constantly heated to 29°C. Conveniently located just a 45 minute drive from the Channel Tunnel, you can easily combine a day on the flumes with a trip to London on the Eurostar. Featuring a wave pool, jacuzzi, and exciting slides such as the Black Hole, there are also areas dedicated purely to children under the age of 7 to keep the little ones occupied.


Aqualand Waterpark, St Maxime

The south of France is perfect for spending lazy days lounging on beaches, but why not liven your vacation up with a day out at the Parc Aqualand waterpark in St Maxime. Featuring everyone’s favorite flumes, including a racing toboggan, covered body slides and kamikaze drops, there is something for everyone.

Splashworld Provence

If you like your waterparks sparkling clean and brand new, look no further than Splashworld in Monteux, the heart of Provence. Only opened in summer 2015, this huge park covers 4.7 hectares and features countless exhilarating rides. This wonderful day out offers a lazy river for those who prefer to take it easy and relax in the sunshine, while for those who prefer thrilling drops, the Banzai Bomber should be suitably terrifying! With plenty of eating places, sun loungers and boutiques, it is truly a great day out.


Aqualand, Cap D’Agde

If you are taking your vacation in sunny Languedoc in the south of France, take the time to visit Aqualand in Cap D’Agde. Featuring all the exciting flumes that you would expect from a reputable waterpark chain, you can even enjoy spectacular views from the queues! For those who have a strong constitution, the Niagra will drop you from around 50m into the waiting pool, but for those who prefer a more leisurely experience, the Congo River is a great way to stay cool while topping up your tan!

Atlantic Toboggan, St Hilaire de Riez

The Vendee can have mixed weather even during the summer, but visitors to the Atlantic Toboggan waterpark in St Hilaire de Riez can enjoy tropical temperatures and fun rides. From the excitement of the wave pool to family flumes, you are assured of a full day out.

Aquariaz, French Alps

The French Alps may be best known for their ski resorts, but they are also home to a unique mountain waterpark concept. Although not quite in the same league as the high thrills waterparks of the south of France, this lovely retreat offers a wonderfully relaxing escape from a day on the slopes. With an outdoor jacuzzi, lazy river and child friendly splash zone, this is an unusual but fun day in the water.

Enjoy Waterparks Throughout France

Wherever you stay in France, you are sure to find a waterpark that will keep the whole family entertained! From the far north to the southern coastline, water loving families will find thrills and spills to make their whole vacation go with a splash!